The Traditional Owners of this land are those who identify as
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples.

Sovereignty was never ceded.

ANTAR pays respect to Elders past, present, and emerging through our dedicated advocacy for First Nations Peoples’ justice and rights.

ANTAR acknowledges the responsibility of committing to a truth-telling process that promotes an honest and respectful path forward for future generations to build upon.

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In this NSW State Election Scorecard, ANTAR has provided a guide to the policies of the NSW Labor Party, the NSW Liberal-National Coalition, and Greens NSW, in relation to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander affairs.

In February 2023, ANTAR wrote to the three major political parties, seeking their policies and election commitments relating to:

  1. Treaty: The advancement of treaty in NSW.
  2. Closing the Gap: State obligations under the NSW Closing the Gap Implementation Plan 2022-2024.
  3. Justice: Addressing the injustice of disproportionately high incarceration rates.
  4. Cultural Heritage: Ensuring the adequate protection of First Nations cultural heritage.

At the time this Election Scorecard was published, the NSW Labor Opposition and Greens NSW had provided responses to our request for positions on the issues outlined above, however the NSW Liberal-National Coalition Government had not responded, so we have drawn upon their publicly available policy positions and announcements to inform our analysis.This scorecard is based on forward looking, stated election commitments and we are not including standard programs and services (unless they are contentious).We have only highlighted the major policy commitments.